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Public Safety, Health, and Emergency Management

Office of Public Safety, Health, and Emergency Management provides a wide variety of services to our community that center around the safety and well being of everyone at MC locations. Our operation consists of three main units all featured below. Within each page, you will be able to find helpful information and resources that we hope make your experience at MC a positive, safe, and healthy one. It is the mission of our operation to provide a safe and secure environment where learning can flourish, by making every reasonable effort to protect the College community, safeguard life and property, and support the College in its mission of empowering students to change their lives and enrich our community. 

Adam Reid
Director of Public Safety, Health, and Emergency Management

Contact In Case of Emergency

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In case of a life-threatening emergency, someone should call 9-1-1 and then notify the Office of Public Safety. Students and employees are encouraged to carry a cell phone for reporting emergencies and receiving county and College alerts. Emergency phones are located in all campus elevators and in numerous internal and external locations. These phones will automatically ring in Central Dispatch. Calls made on the emergency phones are recorded. 



Click on a thumbnail image to see larger image, and use arrows to navigate through the slideshow.

public safety officer
Sgt. Simpson visiting Raptor Central while on foot patrol
public safety officer at computer
Sgt. Babra helping a student obtain their ID
public safety vehicle
All patrol vehicles are clearly marked and highly visible so we can easily be recognized
public safety officer visiting with students
Ofc. Dorsey saying hello to a group of students
public safety officer in vehicle
Ofc. Crespo checking the parking garage at the Rockville campus
public safety officer in gymnasium
Ofc. Relunia showing off his Raptor pride in the Gym
fire extinguisher and other public safety tools on wall
Emergency stations such as this one are located around all MC campuses, fire extinguishers, AED’s, Bleeding Control kits, Emergency Phones and evacuation maps are common items in these areas
two public safety officers chatting
Ofc. Oladimeji and Ofc. Yaniga check in while on foot patrol
four public safety officers outside on campus
Public Safety and Campus Police officers circulate constantly on MC campuses 24/7 365 and are here to assist you!
public safety officer talking with children outside
Ofc. Rosales and Sgt. Simpson speaking to children during a summer program at the Rockville campus
tpss nunley building