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Page last updated November 13, 2015

Health Sciences Program Entry Level Career Training
prescriptions Health Sciences Institute
Nurse Refresher Program

Nurse Refresher Program consists of three courses: Classroom, Nursing Lab, and Clinical, and are designed for RNs (Registered Nurses) and LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) who desire to maintain or re-establish their active license or re-enter the nursing field. Course offerings may change from session to session, depending on community need or availability of resources.

Nurse Refresher Classroom*

This course is designed for RNs and LPNs who desire to maintain or re-establish their active license to reenter the nursing field. Nursing experts will present topics to review systems anatomy and physiology, major disease pathology, current treatment strategies and legal issues, pharmacology, physical assessment, nursing process, documentation, current trends, and end-of-life issues. You must register for the classroom and clinical in order to use the payment plan. There is a non-refundable fee to participate in the payment plan. Refer to the Health Science FAQs for more information on the payment plan.

Nursing Lab

This lab is for registered or licensed practical nurses returning to the work force or wishing to refresh their clinical skills. Topics include nursing process, communication, nursing care and procedures, current trends in documentation, and pharmacology. There is no payment plan for this lab. Prerequisite: completion of the nurse refresher classroom from Montgomery College or permission from the director.

Nursing Refresher: Clinical*

Practicing nurse experts supervise your 60 hours of clinical experience in medical-surgical nursing, which includes patient assignments, team work, completing documentation and care plans, and giving medication. Basic skills lab practice and emergency medicine review will be provided. You must register for the classroom and clinical in order to use the payment plan. There is a nonrefundable fee to participate in the payment plan. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in NUR057 and NUR007 or permission from program director, Tori Blackwell, Program Director, ,

A letter will be sent to you at the address you have given the college once you have registered with information regarding the following:

A. Nursing License: If your Maryland license has lapsed, you must apply for, pay for, and receive an inactive license. If you have an active license from any state other than Maryland, you must apply for and receive a Maryland license before starting your clinical. Please email Tori Blackwell, Program Director for information

B. CPR Certification: This must be a healthcare provider-level course from American Heart Association or equivalent. Montgomery College provides this course at a special price for students. Please wait for information in the letter that will be sent once you register.

C.   A physical examination completed by a physician or certified health care practitioner within nine (9) months of the start date of clinical. This form must be signed by the student and the practitioner.

D.  Proof of immunity against the following diseases:
*Mumps, Measles, and Rubella:  Two (2) documented doses of the MMR vaccine administered 4 weeks apart and given as an adult (19 and older) or proof of positive laboratory titers for Mumps, Measles, and Rubella. If the student has a negative immunity via titer to any of the 3 diseases, the 2-dose MMR vaccine sequence must be administered and completed prior to the start date of clinical.

*Varicella: Two (2) documented doses of the Varicella vaccine administered 4 weeks apart and given as an adult or proof of a positive laboratory titer for Varicella. If the student is negative for immunity to this disease, the 2-dose Varicella vaccine must be administered and completed prior to the start date of clinical.

*Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis:  Documentation of one (1) dose of Tdap vaccine (not to be confused with Dtap) followed by tetanus (Td) booster within the past 10 years.

*Hepatitis B: Three (3) documented doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (administered 0,1, and 6 months apart) followed by Hepatitis B surface antibody testing 1-2 months after dose #3.  If these titer results show no immunity, we ask that students repeat the vaccination series. (Please note: students who must repeat the series can participate in clinical provided they give proof the 1st vaccine dose was administered and there is a plan to complete the vaccination process.)

*Influenza: Prior to the start date for clinical, students must provide documentation that they have received the seasonal influenza vaccine. This flu shot is available in October each year.

E.   Tuberculosis Screening: Documentation of a negative Tuberculin skin test (PPD) administered within nine (9) months of the start date for clinical must be provided. If the student has a positive PPD history, the Montgomery College Positive PPD statement must be completed and signed by the student and healthcare provider. A chest x-ray may be needed.

Special Exceptions: If the student has experienced an adverse reaction to a vaccine in the past, please contact the WD&CE Health Sciences office for further direction.
Note to Students: Please keep a copy of the health Physical form for your records.

For more information see the Health Sciences Courses Brochure (.pdf format). The Maryland Board of Nursing web site has additional information on licensing information which might be helpful.

Additional Requirements: There may be additional requirements for participation in this program. See HSI FAQs for more detailed information.

Individuals who would like to enter the job market as RNs should enroll in the Nursing Program(Credit) .

Many of the Health Sciences course descriptions include acronyms. To help you we have provided a key to the most commonly used acronyms.

Nurse with equipment

For more information regarding Health Sciences Programs please visit our FAQs  page , or the Health Sciences Courses Brochure in pdf format, or view the current schedule of classes.

contact information for Health Sciences Institute

Health Sciences Program ( Noncredit)
phone: 240-567-5507 or 5508

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