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high school studentWhy take SAT Prep or ACT Prep at Montgomery College?

  • Boost test-taking confidence
  • Practice with real tests.
  • Fun and lively classes.
  • Cool test strategies that work.
  • Ease test stress
  • An awesome price. $320.00 for Maryland residents. Add $160.00 for Non-Maryland Residents for both SAT and ACT.

These Instructor-led, interactive classroom programs have been helping Montgomery County, Maryland students raise their scores for 25+ years. It is intended to strengthen your test taking skills so that you can get a score that truly reflects your ability. We focus on familiarizing you with test questions and guiding you in developing test taking strategies, managing test panic, increasing confidence and speed. You will receive weekly practice with real, timed SAT or ACT tests. By the end of this SAT or ACT course you should have:

  • Follow us on FacebookBecome familiar with the test format, including test directions and scoring.
  • Refined critical reading and thinking skills.
  • Developed an individual test taking strategy.
  • Learned how to apply the strategies taught in this training course.
  • Increased your test taking confidence and reduced your anxiety.
  • Classes are conveniently held on our campuses and at many local high schools.

    New 2016 SAT Information:

    The SAT will be redesigned for 2016. Read below for a glimpse of the anticipated changes to the test.

    • The essay will be optional and will be in response to a prompt known in advance (that does not mean a single consistent prompt, it will still vary it will just be known ahead of time each time), and supported by material provided by the College Board.
    • The sentence completions will be replaced with "word in context" questions and much of the traditional SAT vocabulary will be used
    • The reading and multiple choice writing will be combined into a single 200-800 score, which will be combined with a math score of 200-800 to return to a 400-1600 score range.
    • The penalty for wrong answers will be removed
    • The math will cover very specific territory and part of it will have to be done without a calculator.
    • There will be some science and other data related questions.

    Students will first test in the new format with the October 2015 PSAT/NMSQT and will be switched to the new format for the SAT as of spring 2016. They will not have the option to choose.

    For more information about the changes, please visit