Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center Tech Specs

The following documents are available for download, in both Vectorworks and PDF formats. For those using the WYSIWYG program, there is also a file for lighting information. To download a specific document, right-click on the link for that document and select "Save Target As..." to download to your hard drive. As an alternative, there is also a Zip archive containing all of the documents in a single download.

Please follow these instructions in order to print the PDFs to scale:

  • Go to "File...Print"
  • In the "Page Handing" block of the Print dialog:
    • Make sure that "Page Scaling" is set to "None."
    • Check to make sure that "Auto - Rotate and Center" is not checked.
  • If the document is not in "Landscape" mode, please change before printing.

If you have any questions concerning these documents, please feel free to call Michael Watson at 240-567-8075, or email


Stage/Backstage (PDF- 91 KB)

Stage/Backstage (Vectorworks- 615 KB)

Orchestra Pit/Trap Room (PDF - 54 KB)

Orchestra Pit/Trap Room (Vectorworks - 151 KB)

Backstage Upstairs (PDF - 55KB)

Backstage Upstairs (Vectorworks - 234 KB)

Technical Specifications & Theatre Information
(PDF - 387 KB)

Lighting (WYSIWYG file - 2.82 MB)

All documents as a Zip archive (970 KB)