How Seeing the Stars Will Save You Money and possibly save your life and certainly make your life more enjoyable

Legislation in Maryland that could help accomplish the fore mentioned good goals:
Some good reading on Light Pollution
Tough Road to Getting LED Lights on the Streets from the National Geographic News
Light at Night Link to Cancer form Israel. 
Seeing the Light of Day  from the Tuesday, October 30, 2007.
Lights at Night Are Linked to Breast Cancer: Study Bolsters Theory About Interference With Production of Key Hormone, By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, February 20, 2008; Page A04
Artificial lighting in the industrialized world: circadian disruption and breast cancer Cancer Causes Control (2006) 17:501–507 Richard G. Stevens PEER reviewed SCIENCE!
LIGHT AT NIGHT CO-DISTRIBUTES WITH INCIDENT BREAST BUT NOT LUNG CANCER IN THE FEMALE POPULATION OF ISRAEL in Chronobiology International, 25(1): 65–81, (2008) by Itai Kloog, Abraham Haim, Richard G. Stevens, Micha Barchana, and Boris A. Port
PEER reviewed SCIENCE!
University of Hawaii  Light Pollution Thief of our Night Sky
City Swapping Out Light Bulbs for LED's from CCN, Friday, October 19, 2007.
IDA, International DarkSky Association
Wikipedia article on Melatonin not peer reviewed science, but the truth none the less.
Wikipedia article on Melanopsin not peer reviewed science, but the truth none the less.
Wikipedia article on Light Pollution not peer reviewed science, but the truth none the less.
PowerPoint presentation used in the planetarium on March 26, 2011.
Brightness Outside, Darkened Moods Inside latest Washington Post Article one of the many problems of Light Pollution on May1, 2008.
NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY LETTERS including Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Reproductive Medicine, Chronobiology and Human Ethology. ISSN 0172–780X LIGHT, ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS AND CANCER Facts and Research Perspectives
Light at Night Video and Interactive from the  Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, which is physically at 6th & E Street NW, Washington, DC.
"What's in a Color? The Unique Human Health Effect of Blue Light" from Environmental Health Perspective, blue light is good for you in the daytime, but bad for you when you go to sleep.  If you are careful you will act accordingly!  Night lights in the bedroom should contain no blue, RED LED lights and GREEN LUMINESCENT lighting panels are fine, I have checked them with my spectroscope and there is no blue, so they will not set off your Melanopsin sensor in your eyes.  If you nap or sleep in the daytime use a sleep mask, as this turns off the sensor in your eyes near the source. 
Our Vanishing Night:  Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars. By Verlyn Klinkenborg November, 2008 National Geographic Magazine cover story
Want to see better? We'd have to turn out the lights Ben Harder Tuesday, June 8, 2010 Washington Post.
Desperate for a good night's sleep? Putting a red bulb in your bedside lamp might do the trick, but, from weight gain to insomnia, research suggests artificial light may wreak havoc on your health
CBS News "How Bad is Light Pollution" Saturday November 30, 2013

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