Estimates of the Age of the Universe through Time

Bishop James Ussher's estimate of the age of the universe/creation, the beginning of time, as the night preceding 23 October 4004 BC, according to the proleptic Julian calendar. The speaker will not make fun of this serious Christian scholarly estimate as is generally done now by the theologically ignorant see  Come and celebrate creation day.  Galileo Galilei (see URL:  estimate of at least 20 million years based upon fossils wood and fossil ammonites in Italy.  Leonardo da Vinci discovery of mollusk on the top of Tuscany mountains for another earlier age of the earth estimate see URL:  The current best estimate of the age of the universe, the dawn of time, of 13.750.11 Gyr (billion years).  What does this mean given that the earth, our reference frame did not even exist during creation, and that the proper time of a photon, particle of light is zero? The PowerPoint used during the show in 2015.
Creation of Time,
        the beginning of the universe.

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