Astronomy and Astrophysics for Gifted and Talented, Overachieving, Driven, Intellectually Curious, Honors Students

Investigate topics in astronomy and learn the physics necessary to make sense of the universe.  The class will meet in the planetarium at Montgomery College in Takoma Park.  A good grasp of algebra and geometry and a Texas Instruments graphing calculator is required.  This course is designed so that you could start or continue a meaningful science fair project in space science using real data perhaps collected by a spacecraft or earth borne observatory.  This is a research based course where instead of learning about science you actually are expected to do science.  Science as a verb not a noun.

The two instructors for the course are Dr. Harold Williams and Dr. Nancy Grace Roman.

Monday, June 21 through Friday,  July 2, 1999  at 9am-noon in the planetarium at Takoma Park.

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Links to Sites we will use during the class:

To register for the course call Lorraine Hughes at 240-567-7917.  The course number is SC0409 and the section  number is 1090.  Tuition is $160 + Fee $20 = $180 (Out-of-state fee add $40).
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