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High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager

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      RHESSI, the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager, got funded in November 1997. Carol Crannell of the GSFC, Goddard Space Flight Center, (the PI on HEIDI, High Energy Imaging Device, and a co-PI on HESSI) invited Harold Williams to be a RHESSI education partner. Naturally he said yes and got his institution, Montgomery College, to write a letter of support. Who doesn't want to be a rocket scientist? Anyway, he helped Carol involve the Maryland Science Center and their planetarium and the three planetariums in the Harford County Public Schools. We have had some meetings and have started working together. Dr Williams has also met with Isabel Hawkins, the leader of the California RHESSI education partners, and the director of the Center for Science Education, CSE, programs for the UC Berkeley Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics. The California HESSI education partners are the Lawrence Hall of Science and the San Francisco Exploratorium. It is a lot of fun and he has involved his student workers in this endeavor: Lan Phuong Bui, Iya Massah, Hope Okpeku, Gilbert Prevost, and the planetarium intern, Maria Arez.  

      Gilbert Prevost has put this site together as an Introductory Astronomy, AS101, level or grades 10 - 14 version of RHESSI. Iya Massah is currently constructing scale model diagrams which will be posted on this site in the near future for students to print out and create their own RHESSI Model. The true purpose of this site is to peak the curiosities of our young up and coming scientists. To get them more interested in fields such as Astronomy, High Energy Physics and Particle Physics while all these new and exciting things are happening in these fields.

      The menu on the left will take you through each aspect of the RHESSI project and also provide links to related Astronomy sites as well as reference sites. 

RHESSI, Maryland Education Partners at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

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