Birthday Party in the Planetarium?

What better way to mark a young person's birthday than with a look at the wider universe?  A Star Show in the Planetarium could be just the ticket for a group of friends – and their parents – looking for something different to celebrate a milestone date.


To begin, call Dr. Harold Williams at 240-567-1463 to arrange a time that will work for you and for the Planetarium. 


We used to charge money (around $100) and you had to fill out a community use form to use the planetarium, but it has now been decided that this is just a star show like the ones we offer for school groups and youth groups for free, all of the time.  We would appreciate a donation of at least $100 to the College foundation.  This money, in the College foundation, is mostly used for student scholarships.


Cake and ice cream are not permitted in the Planetarium itself, but there are nearby places where you can offer this.  If it is warm, the Belle Ziegler Park – on the corner of Takoma and Albany Avenues – is a nice venue with picnic tables and playground equipment.  If it is cold or raining the atrium area, which has tables and chairs that students eat and study on, the first and second floor of the ST, Charlene Nunley Student Service building at 7625 Fenton Street, Silver Spring MD 20912, which is also very close to the planetarium.

 Late updated Sunday, 2:50PM 9/30/2012 by Dr. Harold Alden Williams