The Whisper of Creation

How the initial explosion creating the universe and space and time itself, in a so called "big bang," can be listened to in microwave frequencies broadcast around 300,000 years after creation. As the universe expanded in this explosion, it cooled off and became dark while  gravity slowed down the expansion of the universe.  After only a few hundred million years of darkness after the big flash, bright big bang,  the first stars dispelled the darkness and ionized the hydrogen plasma creating polarization patterns which can be measured.  While the universe appears to be around 13.7 billion years old plus or minus 200 million years it expansion slows due to gravity after many billions of years while galaxies form and collide and merge.  Then after roughly half the age of the universe this deaccelerating universe started to not only continue to expand, but the rate of expansion instead of deaccelerating started to accelerate.  This accelerating expansion in the universe for roughly half of it ages is caused by the "Dark Energy."  If this seems fantastic and unlikely then get over it this seems to be the strange universe that you live in.   This program is suitable for all school age groups and has been delivered in Vacation Bible School as well as school groups and other church groups. The level can be adjusted for the audiences sophistication.  PowerPoint presentation used with Warner Presbyterian on January 6, 2007 for part of the show.

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