3 star Stories

Three Star stories: the most ancient Abyssinian, Ethiopian, star story of Cassiopeia,  Cassiopia, Cepheus, Cephus, black Andromeda, Black
      AndromediaPerseus, Persus, Pegasus, and Cetus (6 constellations, the greatest number for a single cycle of myth); then the African-American "follow the drinking gourd" story and song of the Ursa Major constellation that helped 40,000 people seek freedom Under Ground RailroadUnder Ground Railroadand helped cause a civil war in the USA that unfortunately needed to be fought; and finally the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Laotian, Myanmar (Burma),  Thai, and Vietnamese Valentine story a few thousand years old.  Valentine Story

The cue files that run on Starry Night 7 on the SciDome XD with SciTouch Spitz planetarium at MC were created by Jana Asher now Dr. Jana Asher in May of 2016 for Rosey Resnick (who is still my girl scout cookie supplier), her daughter, Jana Asher & Rosey
      Resnick the planetarium director Dr. Harold Alden Williams just made a few suggestions and unlocked the doors to the planetarium so Jana could do her  creative magic.  This is a fabulous planetarium show! I wish she could have traveled that summer to the Spitz Summer Institute with me and Rupert Chappelle the MC^3 video genius at MC. The next year Dr. Dennis Coskrin, geology professor, and Dr. John Quah, math professor and meteorology professor, and Dr. Williams and Ruppert again traveled to the Spitz Summer Institute, and the college paid for all of these persons to go to Chadds Ford, PA in 2017. Jana Asher up
      Rupert Chappelles TreeDr. Williams has little highchair power, but some limited personal power.  Spitz training on SciDome XD with SciTouch in April 2016 People sometimes over estimate his power, perhaps because he is enthusiastic.  His enthusiasm is his protection from the sometimes apparent stupidity of some of the persons in higher positions.  Dr. Williams is a member in two labor unions for the same employer MC, so he is a professional trouble maker, but he tries to make trouble only for people who hurt students or hurt employees that have not done too much wrong.  He is a steward for AFSCME local 2380 and in the remote past was an officer.  He was on the organizing committee for both unions. The other labor union is the adjunct labor union SEIU local 500.  Adjuncts are not paid fairly, but this is a nation wide problem, not an MC only problem. Of course, you can not get much blood or money from a turnip or a college.  Decisions are often above my pay grade. Maybe I am just ignorant.  If I am, please try and convince me of my ignorance and I may change! Of course, I may not change, if you do not convince me. I have been known to be very suborn.

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