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Disruptive Innovation term originated by Clayton Christensen

Thomas Alva Edison “What is your estimation of the future educational value of pictures?” I asked.

“Books,” declared the inventor with decision, “will soon be obsolete in the public schools. Scholars will be instructed through the eye. It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture. Our school system will be completely changed inside of ten years.

“We have been working for some time on the school pictures. We have been studying and reproducing the life of the fly, mosquito, silk weaving moth, brown moth, gypsy moth, butterflies, scale and various other insects, as well as chemical chrystallization. It proves conclusively the worth of motion pictures in chemistry, physics and other branches of study, making the scientific truths, difficult to understand from text books, plain and clear to children.

“I do not think every home will have its own projecting machine, although the wealthier people will possess them, no doubt. The cheapness of film entertainment is due to its popularity among the many. The expenses per capita are extremely small. In a home the cost would be very great. The future will see motion pictures more or less in the home, while in clubs, in theaters and in motion picture houses they will be most popular.

Segments of this interview were reprinted in other newspapers such as the “Cleveland Plain Dealer” of Cleveland, Ohio, [CPTE] and “The State” of Columbia, South Carolina [TSTE] in September 1913.

Edison was right only his timing was off.  That happens with even inventive visionaries.  It all depends upon ecconomics which depends on how easy it is for people to do it.  The time is now!  What does it take to make Edison vision real.

First we needed the Internet, then we needed Google, then YouTube.  YouTube slogan "Broadcast Yourself (2005–2012)"

Video cameras now come in all smart phone, tablet computers, laptop computers and desktop computers.  Google glass is not coming to glasses wearer near you since they lost their nerve, but maybe Intel smart glasses will eventually help us.

iMovie a real simple non-linear video editor comes with the operating system of iPhones, iPads and MacInosh computers.  iMovie is so simple students in the Science Adventure Club made a video with out any instruction and help from me to enter in a contest.  iMovie is so simple even an old faculty member can figure it out, maybe with the help of your students.  Real leaning let them help you.  Become a real teacher, a facilitator, not just a performing professor. We now use Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier and Sony something else.

Learning Through Storytelling in Higher Education:

Using Reflection & Experience to Improve Learning
Front Cover
        of Book with friend of mine I am FaceTiming to
Janice McDrury, Maxine Alterio
Kogan Page, 2003 - Education - 198 pages

"Learning Through Storytelling in Higher Education" explores ways of using storytelling as a teaching and learning tool. When storytelling is formalized in meaningful ways, it can capture everyday examples of practice and turn them into an opportunity to learn - encouraging both reflection, a deeper understanding of a topic and stimulating critical thinking skills. The technique can accommodate diverse cultural, emotional and experiential incidents, and may be used in many different contexts eg formal/informal; one-on-one/group setting.
The authors outline the different models of storytelling and explain how to make use of this technique and encourage a 'storytelling culture' within the workplace or in tutorial sessions.
Academic yet accessible, this book provides a new perspective on learning techniques and will be a great asset to any educator looking to improve reflective practice.

The robots are coming you need to teach and learn something that can not be done by robots. 

3D is a useful hock, but video/moving pictures, seeing is what is essential. 

Puff the Magic Dragon by Lenny Lipton and Peter Yarrow

Stuff we have produced, by Rupert Chappelle who I just help as his roadie and ocassionally serve as talent in astronomy, astrophysics, and mathematics.

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