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Students who have been told by their instructor that they can use this tutorial to earn extra credit or as a required part of their course must submit the quiz electronically. Please make sure to fill out all of the required elements and the quiz will automatically be graded and sent to your instructor.

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II. Quiz:

1. At the beginning of your research, what type of resource is most helpful if you do not know much about your topic and need a broad overview on the subject?
  a. Statistical information
  b. Newspaper articles
  c. Encyclopedias
  d. Scholarly articles
  e. Magazine articles
2. If a student quotes an article in their research paper and cites it, they are avoiding plagiarism.
  a. True
  b. False
3. Thoroughly reading your assignment and understanding what your professor expects when you turn in your paper is a key step in the research process.
  a. True
  b. False
4. Why should you use a variety of synonyms to describe the key concepts of your thesis statement?
  a. Using a variety of synonyms allows you to find the only right answer by trial and error.
  b. Articles might be tagged with different terms to describe the same idea. By using synonyms, you make it possible to get more relevant results than if you keep using the same term.
  c. The more synonyms you use, the less likely you are to get resources that are relevant to your topic.
  d. A variety of terms does not help find relevant sources for your research assignment.
5.A student has chosen to write a research paper on the following topic: Media violence causes youth violence. Which of the following is a good search strategy that will result in a list of relevant articles from a database?
  a. "media violence" AND (youth OR teenagers)
  b. media violence causes youth violence
6. A thesis statement expresses the subject and purpose of your research paper.
  a. True
  b. False
7. Which of the following statements is not part of the research process?
  a. Choose a topic and restate it in a thesis statement.
  b. Create search strategies based on your thesis statement.
  c. Get relevant resources from library tools using your search strategies.
  d. Find research papers on the internet and reuse them.
  e. Cite all the resources you use in your research assignment in a bibliography.
8. If you entered the following  search strategy in a database, it would result in a list of articles that contain both terms: “cellular telephones” AND accidents
  a. True
  b. False
9.“Global warming” is a narrow research topic, focused enough that a person researching it would not be overwhelmed with information.
  a. True
  b. False
10. It is possible to access journal articles from the library catalog.
  a. True
  b. False

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