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FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions
for ITI Computer Classes

Q. Who can enroll in these classes?
A. These are open enrollment classes geared to adults- you are welcome to enroll in any class before it begins (if space is available) as long as you have the prerequisites (either by experience/previous training/classes, etc). We do not test or check past skills but ask that students use their best judgment when deciding if they meet the prerequisites. These are fast paced/ accelerated courses geared towards working adults who need to learn a product quickly.

Q. Do I need to apply to the college to take these classes?
A. These are non-credit classes so applying to the college is not needed.

Q. Is there homework?
A. Some classes may have independent assignments outside of the classroom but grades and exams are not given.

Q. Will I be given a certificate?
A. No report cards or grades are issued, but a Certificate of Completion will be issued to students who attend at least 80% of the course. We do not offer or provide certification exams.

Q. Is there any financial assistance for these classes?
A. Financial aid is not available for these classes. Full payment is expected at the time of registration.
For specific question regarding payment/registration/residency requirements/tuition waiver/ transportation options/ parking/scholarships please contact the main office for Continuing Education at 240-567-5188.

Q. Are any scholarships available?
A. Twice a year there is an opportunity to apply for the WD&CE Career Path Scholarship. Visit Career Path WD&CE Scholarship Opportunity to learn more about eligibility guidelines, application dates, and application prodedures.

Q. Is there a Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)?
A. The TIP may allow students to pay for a class or a series of classes in several installments. Students must register/pay for their class(es) online through MYMC. Visit Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) to learn how to pay using the TIP, and to see if you may qualify.

Q. Where can I find the current schedule of classes?
A. All of our current/ in-classroom course offerings with costs/days/times/locations are listed at our web site:
Click on Search for a Class, Click on Computer Technology/ITI to view all of our courses.
Then click on the class of interest for detailed information.

Q. How will I know which class is best for me?
A. To help you decide which class is best for you, detailed Course Objectives for some of our classes can be found at this site: We do not test or check past skills but ask that students use their best judgment when deciding if they meet the prerequisites.

Q. Is there a recommended sequence of courses?
To help you decide your course sequence please see this site:

Q. Where can I get information about registration?
A. Information regarding registration is at this site-
Click on the link How to Register.

Q. Where can I get information about class locations and directions?
A. Information regarding directions/locations is at this site-

Q. Will I need to purchase a textbook?
A. Most classes require a textbook.
Information regarding books can be found at this site:

Q. Do you offer on-line classes?
A. Another department offers noncredit on-line classes.
Information regarding on-line classes is at this site-

Q. Are there any other departments that offer non-credit computer classes?
A. Yes, please consider these departments-

TechLEAP/ WebLEAP is a computer career training and retraining program in Information Technology with paid internship opportunities for experience following training.
TechLEAP Hotline 240-567-1886

If you need support services due to a disability, please follow these steps: Register for the class. contact WD&CE Disability Support Services Counselor, Natalie Martinez, or 240-567-4118, at least four weeks prior to the start of the class to arrange for accommodations and/or assistive technology