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HTML5 Desktop and Mobile, Level II, ITI-134

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Enhance and optimize your Web site using HTML5 and CSS. Topics include advanced HTML5 elements and attributes, including forms, audio, video, and canvas; more advanced techniques to effectively create multiple column layouts using new HTML5 structural elements; new CSS3 styles to format and control placement of HTML5 elements, such as rounded corners, shadow effects, and color gradients; advanced CSS3 media queries to handle a variety of devices, including screen, printer, tablet, and mobile phone, and integration of scripts into a Web page.

*Blended/Online Format Option:

Some sections of this course are offered in a blended/online format. Visit for more information about the online interface. These blended courses meet in person for one or two days, and the other classes are held online.

HTML5: Desktop and Mobile Level 1.

Technology update: Please bring a Flash Drive/Memory Stick 512MB or larger to class which will enable you to save your class work.


Books may be purchased at the MC Bookstore or online. You will need to know the CMP#(Continuing Education classes) for the class you are taking in order to look up information about the textbook.

Classroom Hours: 15