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Python Programming, ITI-121

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Learn basic Python. Python is a powerful scripting language that can be used to automate system administration, create powerful web pages, develop mobile applications, and more. This course is an introduction to Python and introduces many beginner programming concepts along the way. Learn Python objects, Python statements and syntax, numbers, strings, lists, numeric types, variables and references and strings. Topics also include function, scopes, arguments, advanced functions, module coding and packages.

Programming Fundamentals or equivalent experience, and experience with an object oriented language such as C++, Java, or C# recommended.

Classroom Hours: 15

Technology update: Please bring a Flash Drive/Memory Stick 512MB or larger to class which will enable you to save your class work.


Books may be purchased at the MC Bookstore or online. You will need to know the CMP# or ITI# for the class you are taking in order to look up information about the textbook.