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What is Oracle? Oracle is a Database Server that is used by corporations for enterprise information management. Recognizing the importance of “the information age,” corporations use Oracle to capture, store, and analyze their data. Information may be captured in what often is referred to as a transaction type database and then possibly stored in a data warehouse for subsequent analysis. To illustrate, a company’s sales and inventory transactions are entered into a transactional database. In turn, to store what will become historical and time related sales and inventory data, the data is moved into a data warehouse. As a result, conclusions based on a companies sales and inventory trends, may give a company a competitive advantage by knowing their “hot and cold inventory items.” Corporations desiring to maintain a competitive advantage have developed an almost insatiable appetite for information.

Oracle Textbook Special Instructions: Textbook available only as an e-kit. Order through the Rockville Bookstore website Click on "Get My Books". Once your order is processed by Oracle, you will receive an email that your e-kit is available to download.

There are two differing job roles associated with Oracle:
 Database Administrator (DBA) or  Developer , for more details on getting Oracle Certified go to the Oracle Website