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Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II, ITI-068

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What you will learn:
Oracle DBAs manage the industries most advanced information systems and command some of the highest salaries. This course advances your success as an Oracle professional in the area of database administration.

In this class, you'll learn how to configure an Oracle database for multilingual application. Students will practice various methods of recovering the database, using RMAN, SQL, and Flashback technology. Tools to monitor database performance and what steps to take to improve database performance are also covered in this course. Students will also learn how to use various database technologies, such as Resource Manager, the Scheduler, and Automatic Storage management (ASM). The lesson topics are reinforced with structured hands-on practices and a workshop. This course is designed to prepare you for the corresponding Oracle Certified Professional exam.

Special Textbook Instructions. Students need to go to the Rockville Campus Bookstore and purchase the required textbooks. Once the order is processed by Oracle, they are sent to you via e-mail.

For more detailed information about this class visit the Oracle website

Course Objectives:

Course Topics