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Linux / Unix Level II, CMP213

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With Linux, a freely available version of the UNIX operating system, it has become easier than ever to use UNIX at home or in small office environments as well as the Enterprise. This intermediate course in the Linux/UNIX operating system, provides the tools you need to work more efficiently in a Linux/UNIX environment. You will also be introduced to shell scripts, networking, graphical user interfaces using X-Windows, and advanced utilities. This is a hands-on course using the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Linux / UNIX Level I or equivalent experience.

Classroom Hours: 12

Textbook: Books may be purchased at the MC Bookstore Rockville, or online. You will need to know the CMP#(Continuing Education classes) for the class you are taking in order to look up information about the textbook. Please bring your textbook to the first class session.

Technology update: Please bring a Flash Drive/Memory Stick 512MB or larger to class which will enable you to save your class work.