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MS Excel Level III, ITI092

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This course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2013-Level II.  Learn how to work with advanced formulas, as well as lookup functions. Learn about data validation and how to import and export data. Work with PivotTables and PivotCharts. Finally, learn how to export and import data, use the analytical features of Excel such as Goal Seek and the new Analysis tool, and run and record macros. This course follows the curriculum for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level for Excel 2013 (exam 77-420) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert for Excel 2013 (exams 77-427 & 428). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete MS Excel Levels I, II, III. Prerequisites: MS Excel Level II or equivalent experience, Working with Windows, File Management or equivalent experience.

Textbook: Please bring your textbook to the first class session. See MC Bookstores for more information on your textbook; bring to first class along with a USB Flash Drive/memory stick (at least 512 MB).

Course Objectives:

 After completing this course, students will know how to:


Classroom Hours: 10