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Health Information Technology (HIT) Specialist Program Part II, HIT-001

HIT course schedule/information/cost

Course Description:

This comprehensive Health Information Technology (HIT) Specialist Program-Section #2 is the second section of a two-section program designed to provide an introductory and foundational review of the elements required of an HIT professional, and to prepare professionals to be part of the emerging health information industry.

These courses do not provide instruction for those seeking jobs as medical coders or billers or health information technicians. Please see www.montgomerycollege. edu/him for more information about the credit degree and certificate options in Health Information Management at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus.

Course Objectives:

  • Information Technology and Computer Sciences in Healthcare - part 2
  • Installation and Maintenance of Health ITI Systems
  • Networking and Health Information Exchange
  • Configuring Electronic Health Records
  • Introduction to Project Management for HIT Professionals
  • Clinical Externship - to be completed during the program
  • Note: Hands-on labs and experiences will be integrated throughout the program

Classroom hours: 96

Nationally Recognized Certification Exams

Students who complete this program (both semester 1 and 2) could be qualified to sit for the following national certification exams.

  • HIT Pro: Technical / Software Support Staff competency exam
  • HIT Pro: Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist competency exam
  • HIT Pro: Implementation Support Specialist competency exam
  • CompTIA: For individuals with 500+ hours of IT experience
  • What is HIT Pro? HIT Pro is the exam of the Workforce Development program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

For more information about HIT please contact Rochelle Ramkeesoon, Program Coordinator HIT
or phone 240-567-3830