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Knowing Your Camera:
Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras, ITI-180

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This class will teach you how to use properly the features and settings on your interchangeable lens camera. Cameras covered are Mirrorless, Nikon, and Canon SLRs; and advanced compact. Learn how to maximize the capabilities of your camera with correct settings for metering, focus, ISO, depth of field, and flash. Composition techniques will be covered. This is a hands-on class. In addition to learning the nuts and bolts of your camera, you will shoot pictures during outdoor lab sessions. The class is led by a professional photographer and expert on cameras. Bring your camera to class and maximize your creativity! No textbook required

No Textbook required.

Classroom Hours:12

Course Objectives:

  1. Apply knowledge of their camera settings: ISO, white balance, depth of field, focus to taking photos for work and leisure
  2. Apply knowledge of composition to picture taking
  3. Use automatic exposure lock and automatic focus lock in picture taking
  4. Upload pictures on web site for your business or leisure