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Software Introductory Series, ITI#095

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Experience the new 2013 versions of Microsoft© Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Discover how to use the 2013 improved features in mastering both basic and business applications in these popular applications. Find out how quickly you can create and edit attractive business letters, memorandums, and press releases using the new and improved Word 2013 interface. Apply and modify new PowerPoint templates and use powerful presentation graphics which will enable you to create dynamic multimedia presentations using built-in document themes and how to adjust slide size for wide-screen monitors. Build basic and enhanced Excel worksheets with ease using auto fill, autocomplete, and autocorrect entry features. Harness the power of Access, a relational database, by learning how to create, store, and retrieve records with amazing speed and accuracy. Learn the basics of creating tables and forms to enter and retrieve data using simple Form, Query and Report Wizards. All this and more are offered in the new and improved Software Series Course.  Prerequisites:  Computer Basics, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and File Management Skills or equivalent experience. 

Textbook: Visit the Bookstores for textbook information.

Prerequisite: Computer Basics, Working with Windows or File Management, Introduction to Keyboarding or equivalent experience.

Classroom Hours: 40

Course Content: