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Computer Basics, CMP941

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Learn basic computer operations, including how to start and shut down the system; use the mouse (clicking and double-clicking); and identify the different icons, screens, and programs in the Microsoft Windows environment. Also learn how to use web browsers and search engines. This course also includes tips on how to purchase your personal computer.

Prerequisites: Keyboarding skills. Introduction to Keyboarding can be taken concurrently with Computer Basics.

Textbook: Please bring your textbook to the first class session. See MC Bookstores for more information on your textbook.

Classroom Hours: 10

Course Content:


This course is for students who have little or no experience with personal computers and who want to learn the basics. Students will learn about the main components of a typical computer system and the basic elements of the Windows 7 interface. Students will learn how to navigate in Windows Explorer, organize files and folders, search for items on their computers, and personalize Windows. Students will also learn how to browse the Web with Internet Explorer 8 and how to protect their computers from malware.