ES100 Introduction to Engineering Design

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ES100 is one of the six Engineering Science courses offered at Montgomery College, Maryland to provide the first two years of a four-year program leading to the award of a B.S. degree in engineering. A student planning to transfer to the University of Maryland College Park in a particular field of engineering should follow the appropriate option listed in the Montgomery College catalog.

Course Description:

ES100 is an introductory course in the engineering curriculum. This guide explains the scope of the course and the sequence of subjects.

The first part of the course deals with three-dimensional graphics. Graphics is the language of the engineering profession. It is this method that is used along with written specifications, etc., when designs are carried forward for approval by potential customers.

Next the topic of solid modeling is introduced. The operating principles of the parametric modeling using the ProEngineer software will be covered in detail. A number of problems will be assigned and completed. The modeling portion of the design package that the team produces will be completed using the Pro/Engineer program.

The next step in the course is to select a simple design problem. At this time students need to start thinking about working in a team with other students. The solution to the design problem will be judged as a product of the team and not as an effort arrived at by individual work. It is the responsibility of the student to work with the team in every phase of the project, such as data collection, determination of the available parts, etc.

Next the fundamental laws of mechanics and energy will be introduced. Understanding these laws enables engineers to develop structures that can withstand the static and dynamic loads of the operating environment, or design machines that run both on the earth and in space.

Finally the use of computer application software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point will be introduced.

Near the end of the semester, a schedule will be developed for each team to present their design package to the department representative for evaluation.

Open Lab Hours:
Germantown Campus: HT230Rockville Campus: SE322
Instructors and Staff:
David Bern
Wendy He
Alex Hou
Muhammad Kehnemouyi - Department Chair
Charles Kung
Craig Mogren
Robert Dean
Cheryl Starke